General FAQ


What is the benefit of a Gold membership?

Currently, Lite users can only download materials up to 3k in size, but Gold users have no restrictions.  They can download 4k, 6k and anything above.  Some go as high as 24k!

Are the prices in USD?


What are the differences between the monthly and yearly plans?

Yearly plans offer more value as you get more credits per dollar.  Monthly plans are renewed and billed monthly, while the yearly plans are renewed and billed yearly.  Please note that for both plans, the credits still reset on the monthly anniversary date of the day of activation.

Can I cancel my subscription?  What happens when I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but you will need to cancel before your renewal date to prevent it from renewing.  You will still retain and be able to use any remaining credits until the end of your current cycle, when your subscription will expire instead of renew.  You can reactivate at any time.

Can I use the textures, even after I cancel my membership?

Yes!  Once you have downloaded them, you can use them forever.  However all usage at any time must fall within our terms and conditions.  Please view our License FAQ for full details.

Can I buy on-demand credits instead of a subscription?

Currently no.  We are currently in the process of implementing this feature and it should arrive some time later this year.

Are there any student discounts?

Currently, our Lite plan is best suited for students and hobbyists.  You could also try our hi-res free textures that get updated periodically.


How do credits work?  How many materials can I download in a month?

Each individual map will cost one credit.  So a material with a diffuse, glossy and displacement map would cost 3 credits.  Most full materials contain 4-6 maps.  Some extensively larger maps like HDRs will cost 10 credits.  For example, the Gold plan at 300 credits per month will yield approximately 50-60 texture sets if you need every single map (more if you only need 1-2 maps).

Do unused monthly credits carry over to the next month?

Currently they do not.  Your credits will reset at the start of each new monthly payment cycle.  Later this year, credits will be set to a 3-month expiry!

Do higher resolution textures cost more credits?

Currently no.  The costs are the same across all resolution sizes!

Can I redownload materials without spending credits again?

Yes!  You can redownload them for free If you have already downloaded them once and they show up in your activity list (your download history, found in your settings).  It will still state the credit costs, but none will be deducted.  You can also redownload a different size for free.  Please note that redownloading is not available on expired accounts.


Help, my credit card keeps getting declined!

Stripe, the payment service we use, only accepts the 3 major credit cards for Australia, the country we are based out of: Visa (including Visa debit), Mastercard and American Express.  Also please note that some prepaid cards may have regional restrictions.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Currently no.  We are working on integrating PayPal and it should be available some time later this year!


Are Poliigon's textures compatible with any rendering application?

Yes, our textures are compatible with any rendering applications that accept common image file formats.  They are made to work in 3d applications such as 3ds Max, Cinema4D, Maya etc., but for real-time game engines such as Unreal or Unity, some of the texture maps may need to be modified to function correctly.

I do not see a texture that I need.  Would I be able to request one?

Yes!  Please check out our texture request form.  Please note that this is a suggestion form and not an official request ticket.  We consider these requests and also current trends when planning what to produce for our upcoming themed releases.

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