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Have you ever wanted to click a button and have your Poliigon materials instantly set up correctly with Blender and Cycles? The Poliigon material converter does just that, and is designed to remove the tedious process of having to plug maps in manually for every new material. Simply select the folder where your materials are located and convert!


(In Windows, right-click to download and 'save link as.' In Mac OS and Safari, save as 'Download linked file')


How to Install and Use


Will it work with my own, non-poliigon textures?

Yes! Provided your files match our naming conventions, the addon will find them. Here's the naming conventions:

  • Color (Diffuse) - Name_COL
  • Reflection (Specular) - Name_REFL
  • Gloss (Roughness) - Name_GLOSS
  • Normals - Name_NRM
  • Displacement - Name_DISP
  • Alpha + Diffuse (PNG or TIF) - Name_ALPHAMASKED
  • Sub Surface Scattering - Name_SSS

Will it work even if I don't have all the maps?

Yes. It will work even if you only have one map. Any missing maps will be muted in the node editor, so make sure to go there and set a desired manual value to make the material look right.


Blender 2.79 (and up)

Advanced options

Include Ambient Occlusion maps - If ambient occlusion maps are present with the detected materials, they will automatically be added to the material shader setup.

Include Displacement maps - If displacement maps are present with the detected materials, they will automatically be added to the material shader setup.

Use 16 bit maps - This will replace all 8 bit images with higher quality 16 bit versions if available.

Conform UV maps to image dimensions - For textures in a rectangular (non-square) format, this option will adjust the UVs for each map type to match the image dimensions.


If you encounter any bugs while using the converter, please contact our support team with the details. Thanks!

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